Once upon a time, art was something an artist created to reflect reality in some kind of realistic or abstract way.

In the 21st century art is not just art. 


definition varies almost from artist to artist, from viewer to viewer and from day to day. One man’s art is another man’s vandalism. Sometimes art may not be art?

Most people agree that the old definitions of art are obsolete. So are many of the todays definitions , the concept is so global, complex and dynamic that almost from the moment one tries to define art, it outdates its own definition: art, changes shape and explodes out of the framework that definition are trying to create.



After the explosion can the pieces be assembled and define art freely as enjoyment, reflection, deterrence, relaxation and an endless jumble of other emotions, thoughts and experiences. And is it not enough? Maybe they should take a break from trying to define why an art is art and instead just let it be interesting.

If you finally have to ask why, you can always swap art out. Why is art interesting?