Art and Design Schools in Sweden

Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design
This school is one of the largest university college of arts, crafts and design that is found in Sweden. They offer Bachelor’s degree programmes, Master’s degree programmes as well as teacher education. They have almost 900 students that enrol in their Master’s and Bachelor’s programme per year. Their well –equipped workshops are perfect for students to learn more and improve their skills in woodworks, screen-printing, weaving, ceramics, painting, sculpture, and other fields. They also have the largest art and design libraries to help provide the students with inspirational resources.

Umeå Institute of Design
The university offers 5 academic programmes that focus on industrial design. The have a three year bachelor program that provides general education in handling problems about design. It is only offered in Swedish and students need not to pay for any tuition fee. They also offer 3 international two-year Masters programmeme for advance product design, interaction design, and transportation design. A Ph. D programme in industrial design is also offered in the university.

HDK School of Design and Crafts
HDK School of Design and Crafts offers short and long courses all throughout the year. Their courses change as the seasons also change. You can see the list of trainings they offer through their site and the schedule when you can enrol is also posted. They also allow their students to show their works by scheduling exhibitions where they can show what they have learned to the public. Open lectures are also given from time to time and everyone is welcome to join them. They currently have 13 graduate students and the PhD programme in design and crafts is already available.

KKH Royal Institute of Art
The Royal Institute of Art has workshops are fully equipped and they also welcome people with disabilities. The school does not only have Swedish students but the school also welcomes international students. A three-year Bachelor programme, a two-year Master programme, a one-year guest programme in in fine arts as well as a PhD programme is also available for students. Education in Architecture or Restoration Art and the Art & Architecture course is also available in the school. Artistic research is also possible through the research environment created within the school.

Dramatiska Institutet – University College of Film, Radio, Television and Theatre
A bachelors programme for undergraduates is available and could be taken in 3 years. They also have programmes at an advance level, master’s degree, which requires you to have a bachelor’s degree first. The courses available at the school are of various lengths and are available for both undergraduate and graduate levels. The tuition fee varies from year to year. To get updated about the rates, you can subscribe to their newsletter and they will regularly inform you of courses available and how much it would cost. Although most of the programmes are in Swedish, there are also other programmes that are available in English.

University of Gothenburg
The University of Gothenburg has courses and programmes in the field of performance arts as well as music and drama. They also have a Master’s programme in Organ and Related Keyboard instruments which is open to those with a bachelor’s degree in music. They are also internationally active and they have international faculty, researchers, organ builders and students who celebrate the art of the organ. Research projects are also available since it started in 1995. They are currently conducting the GOArt research, which started in 2000, and has now expanded in three major EU projects. They are currently developing tools and methods in preserving their cultural heritage.

Kungl. Royal College of Music
The school has a bachelor’s degree that will only be completed when they finish their thesis. Their degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts is a three year course that involves full time study of three years. If you wish, you could also enrol in their art programmes without a degree, which includes teacher training for musicians in Folk Music, Jazz, Classical music, and many others. Master’s degree programmes are also available and some of them could be finished after a year while others need two years of study to be completed.

Art and Design Schools in Finland

Theatre Academy Helsinki
Theatre Academy Helsinki is an international university for the performing arts. They accept students from all over the world to study in their degree programmes that would lead to a Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s degree in theatre & drama, dance, and of the arts. The main languages used in their programmes are Finnish and Swedish but there are also other programmes that are offered in the English language. The Theatre Academy helps in showing the importance of their culture and society through the performing arts. The newly launched University of the Arts, which was launched last January 2013, is made up of the Theatre Academy Helsinki, Sibelius Academy and the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts.

Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture
The university’s school for the Arts, Design, and Architecture has a programme called the Artist-in Residence Programme (AiR programme), which is the first of its kind in the Nordic countries. It provides an opportunity for the internationally active and dedicated artists to collaborate with the school’s students, researchers, and staff on January 2014 to December 2015. The degrees available in the school are Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, Doctor of Arts, Doctor of Science, and Bachelor of Science in Architecture or Landscape Architecture. They also have non-degree education such as the Open University, which is open to everyone regardless of age or background, and JOO studies, which allows a degree student to study temporarily at another Finnish university.

Finnish Academy of Fine Arts
The Finnish Academy of Fine Arts offers Bachelor’s Master’s or Doctorate degree in Fine Arts. They teach courses in Photography, Site and situation specific art and sculpture, Painting, Moving Image, Time and Space Arts, Printmaking and artistic research. During the student’s first year in the Bachelor’s degree, they are asked to attend the Introduction to the study programmes study module so that they can choose which programme they prefer. The students can also attend courses in general studies, art theory, art history, and philosophy. Each of the students can prepare their Personal Study plan so that they could attend other courses aside from those that are in their study programme. Recently, the academy merged with Sibelius Academy and Theatre Academy to form the University of the Arts.

Sibelius Academy
In Finland, Sibelius Academy provides the highest level of music education. They are also responsible for the development of Finnish music tradition and music culture. They offer Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree in Music as well as non-degree programmes. They also have student exchange program and teacher exchange program to further promote internationalism. The Sibelius Junior Academy provides an opportunity for the musically gifted youth to be educated before they enter a university may it be in Sibelius or not. They create their own Junior Academy study plan, which includes basic education and music education. By collaborating with the Theatre Academy and the Academy of Fine arts, they created the University of Arts.

Nordic Art School
The Nordic Art School is a dynamic and contemporary art school, situated in Kokkola, on the Finnish west coast. The school offers a two-year study programme in Contemporary art, with the possibility for a third year of advanced studies. The education consists of full-time studies based  on a well functioning system of visiting professional artists keeping two week long workshops.

Art and Design Schools in Norway

Oslo National Academy of the Arts
The academy offers a three-year, full-time bachelor degree in Fine Arts and a two-year, full time master degree in Fine Arts. The school has over 550 students, 200 employees and more than 900 guest teachers who educate artist and designers as well as let them experiment so that they could contribute to the diversity of the society. They currently have 24 study programs in The Academy if Opera, The Academy of Fine Art, The Academy of Theatre, Visual Arts, The Academy of Dance, as well as Design.  Aside from the Arts, the academy also recognizes the importance of their culture that is why it has many cultural activities that are open to the general public.

Bergen Academy of Art and Design
The school offers both Bachelor and Master’s degree in Arts and Design. They base their admission on the abilities of the student, the work submitted, result of the admission test , and the personal interview. In this school students do not pay for the tuition fee because it is a public education system. International students are also welcomed but they should be responsible in providing themselves with enough budgets to cover their living expenses.

Norwegian Academy of Music
The Norwegian Academy of Music offers 3 degrees in Music and Music education such as the Bachelor degree, the Master degree and the PhD. Their bachelor degree in Music performance is a 4 year study programme that has 240 credits and students who wish to enrol in this program are required to complete the Norwegian upper secondary education first. Their Master degree is a two-year study course and they offer Master of Music Performance, Master of Music Performance Technology, Master of Music in Composition, Master of Music in Conducting, Master of Music in Church Music, Master of Music in Applied Music Theory as well as Master of Music Therapy. The Ph.D. programme requires 3 years of study with 180 units and a master’s degree is needed first before you can enrol under this programme.

The Oslo School of Architecture and Design
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design offers programmes on Master of Architecture, Master of Industrial Design, Master of Landscape Architecture, Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies, Experience-based Master’s programmes as well as PHD programme. They specialise in teaching industrial design, urbanism, architecture, as well as landscape architecture and currently, they have around 650 students .

University of Stavanger (Department of Music and Dance)
The University of Stavanger has the Department of Music and Dance that offers different courses in the field of classical music, music education, music production & recording, jazz, dance education, and voice. They have over 220 students and they focus on the performing arts. Their Bachelor programme runs for three years while their Masters programme can be finished within 2 years. They also offer one year graduate programmes in English so that foreign students can participate and learn.

University of Bergen
The University of Bergen offers one-year programs in Performance or composition, Bachelor Programme in Music, Master’s Programme in Applied Music Studies, Master’ Programme in Ethnomusicology and Musicology, and a Master’s degree in Music Therapy.

University of Oslo
The University of Oslo offers a course in Norwegian Music for International Students. This Bachelor’s programme has 10 credits and it is designed to teach students about Norwegian music in cultural, historical and organisational perspective. This course is available every spring and is taught using the English language.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology
The school offers Bachelor of Fine Arts, a three-year programme, and Master of Fine Arts, a two-year programme. Each of the students in the Bachelor of Fine Art has their own tutor but they are still encouraged to talk to other members of the academic staff about their work. They also have group discussions and there are small shows available in the school gallery almost every week. Those who wish to enter the Master of Fine Art programme need to finish the Bachelor’s degree first.

Art and Design Schools in Denmark

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools Of Architecture, Design and Conservation School of Design
The school offers five different centres of education.. Each of them focuses on a specific way of expressing art. The Centre for Communication Design focuses on the digital media and shows art through the use of different technologies. The Centre for Textile and Fashion shows art through the different clothes that they design. In addition to this, they also tackle interior designing and architecture. The Centre for Furniture, Spatial and Industrial Design incorporate Danish tradition and new technologies in their design of furniture to make user friendly interface inside the home or office. The Centre for Glass and Ceramics encourages experimental work on different concepts in making glass and ceramics. Lastly the Centre for Theory and Method explores the society and culture to form a basis on their designs.

Royal Danish Academy of Art
The school provides classes to students who want to study the visual arts. They offer a 6-year study that is divided into two portions. The first three years were meant to train students for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, and the later 3-years for a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in Visual Arts. They also have a quality policy for the school of visual arts that helps their students to achieve quality education. They have a study board, which includes both students and teachers to ensure that the quality policy is followed.

The Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance
This school welcomes all students from different parts of the world to improve and develop their skills in acting, production management, direction, scenography, stage management, sound management, light management, contemporary dance, dance partnership, accompaniment for dance and choreography.

The Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC)
In the field of contemporary music, jazz, pop, rock and other newly established music genres, the Rhythmic Music Conservatory is a school to enrol in. They offer a 3-year Bachelor and a 2-year Master’s degree programs as well as a 2-year Advanced Postgraduate Diploma program to their students.

The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus/Aalborg
This school is Aarus offers students a Bachelor’s degree program and Master’s degree program in performance, music teaching, and composition. The Bachelor’s programme is meant to introduce music to their students. It provides basic knowledge about music. The Master’s degree on the other hand allows students to concentrate on a specific area of interest. They allow their students to design their own programme because they want their students to be the ones to decide their area of interest.

The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen
The academy offers their students, who could come from any part of the world, a 3-year bachelor program and a 2-year master’s program specialising in a specific instrument or field in music. They offer a large variety of programs involving string, woodwind, brass, percussion instruments as well as voice and opera.

Funen Art Academy
This school is known internationally and offers higher education program in contemporary visual arts. They also train their students through workshops and collaborations with their teachers to further improve their art.

The Jutland Academy of Fine Arts
International and local artists run this school and they only provide programmes in Danish. There are also times that guest teachers lecture the students in English.

Kolding School of Design
This school of design offers the Bachelor’s degree programme in Danish that is why international students who wish to enrol should be proficient in Danish and pass the Danish qualifying exam. The school also aims to develop their student’s design talents and to prepare them in working alone.

Aarhus School of Architecture
Apart from the Bachelor’s degree programme and Master’s degree programme, the school also offers a PhD programme for their students. They also see to it that their PhD program complies with the Danish Ministry of Culture’s Act.

Art and Design Schools in Iceland

Iceland Academy of the Arts
The Iceland Academy of the Arts provides higher education in fine arts, music, architecture, art education, dance, design and theatre to its students. It is composed of 5 different departments namely the Department of Music, the Department of Arts Education, the Department of Fine Arts, the Department of Design and Architecture, and the Department of Theatre & Dance. These 5 departments offer diploma programmes, bachelor programmes as well as Masteral programs and students must first pass the secondary school exam or any equivalent program to enrol with their programmes.

Akureyri School of Visual Arts
The Akureyri School of Visual Arts offers training in free art in the fine arts department. Students will be given a diploma after three years of study under the department. Those who wish to graduate under their school must complete the 180 units per year in specialized training departments of their choice. They may also add courses as an elective course but these are not mandatory. Included in their subjects are oil painting, materials science, photography, computer graphics, sketch making, acrylic painting, graphic models, imaging, and many more.

The Reyjavik School of Visual Arts
The school offers art studies for those who wish to study full time as well as for young people and children. The School of Visual arts offers 3 different programmes for those on the diploma level and these include shaping, drawing & sketching and text. Their programmes follow the new European regulations and it is also structured based on the needs of the Icelandic society. Aside from the Visual Arts programmes, they also offer a programme under the ceramic artist study programme. This is a three-year program and students under this program can also add other academic subjects that they wish to study apart from the program itself.

The Agricultural University of Iceland
The Agricultural University of Iceland offers a course in Landscape Planning and Architecture. This course is offered in English and Scandinavian language and it lasts for three academic years. It is a full-time study programme that offers 180 credits.