Welcome to a paradise for art lovers

nordicArtists.com, appreciates art lover’s quest to find artworks that make sense in their everyday life and at the same time are at a reasonable price.

We do not only focus on offering quality art, but also creating a portal where art lovers can purchase works of art directly from the artists themselves. nordicArtists.com, is a concept based on promoting Nordic art to the rest of the world, for individuals as well as businesses.

Our vision is also to help local Nordic artists in expanding their career.

Questions or comments? Contact us at info@nordicartists.com.


By purchasing at nordicArtists.com, you:

    • Buy original artwork at the highest quality
    • At a reasonable price
    • Get sent info about the artists with the pieces
    • Support Nordic art


We look forward to serving you.

Best regards,
The nordicArtists.com team

P.S. remember: You can never extinguish an artists’ thirst for art and that same can be said about an art lovers admiration of art. Each piece of art has its owner, an owner who puts a special meaning or function to that artwork.

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